Create art in blender/GIMP however you want, link your files, reference your files even use external files.


Work as a team, store only what you need. Store files centrally and sync between your team.


View your assets in a new way; on the web, in games, applications or mobile. Automatically converted to right format for the job.

Google Summer of Code 2017

We will participate in this year's GSoC, so if you're a student and you want to make some money during the summer working on an Open Source Project, check it out!

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Resource Analysis

Peragro has the necessary granularity for art, it tracks 'assets' within 'files' rather than just the 'files' themselves. This allows users to assign a task to a specific mesh within a Blender file, without the overhead of having to specify which mesh in the task's description. As well as version control the internals of the file.

Resource Transcoding

Take the job of exporting out of the artist's hand by entirely automating it. Peragro can automatically convert from one format to another to deliver and accept content in a format the user, game engine or platform requires automatically.

Dependency handling

Peragro tracks the internal dependencies of the assets, not just the dependencies of the file, and through this dependency-graph it only checks out the necessary files. Peragro-FS 'rewrites' the dependency paths so a set of files can be worked on locally by the artist without having to recreate the entire repository of paths, this also allows artists to optimize their directory structure for their own workflow, while the external source repository can have a completely different layout. This gives artists the ability to work in the environment they are most comfortable with, while keeping a global view structure necessary for the larger picture.


Peragro is designed to bridge the gap for artists, allowing them into the world of version control systems with all the benefits, while allowing them to focus on making art, rather than the shortcomings of a VCS that was not designed for their workflow. Additionally to allow users visually compare the difference between versions of an asset, which wasn't before possible with traditional code diff tools.

Project Management

Stimulate collaboration between artists, and make sure your project is delivered on time. Create milestones and tasks with deadlines, assign them to a user or pooled group to complete and to track its progress. Stay on top with notifications about activity that is happening around the project. Comment on assets, tasks, project or a user's wall to give feedback and spread general information.

Custom workflows

Visually create a custom workflow by Drag & Drop to fits the needs of your team. Make a workflow that fits your specific pipeline and authoring progress so you don't lose time using the system, but can be productive instead.

Open Source

Open source simply creates better software. Everyone collaborates. The best technology wins. Open source builds higher-quality, more secure, more easily integrated software that anyone can take and improve on.


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